• Korian Brady

Good to Great

Good to Great by Jim Collins is a book about how good companies were about to achieve greatness. He notes that there is a misconception on what makes a company great. He defines greatness as sustaining such greatness for at least 15 years. This is no easy task for any company. To become a great company, it’ll take a great amount of transparency among employees and leadership. There needs to be a factor of humility to understand what the company is not great at and where it can achieve to be better. However, Jim points out that the focus should not be on what the company can do better, rather it should be on the people in the organization. Factors like, what motivates the employees? How are we going to manage this change? And hype focus on the day-to-day operation. Jim found that when companies focus on these things, their success is greatly sustained over a longer period of time. I found this to be interesting because I thought that the focus should be on the growth and what the company has to do to be better. So, it was unusual to hear that Jim found that to not be a factor. Then, I began to think further. A company is nothing without the people. No matter the product, service or machinery, the company starts and ends with people. I presume that people should be the number one focus. As a leader and owner of a company you have to think, how do decisions effect the people in my organization? How will they react? The decision of the company should be made with people being the main component in the decision-making process. I believe, some companies have lost this. Decisions are made with the focus of cash flow and bottom line. Although important, cash flow and bottom-lines are byproducts of the people in your company. In my company iEatzHealthy, I will ensure the wellbeing and care of the people in the company will always come first. I hold heartily believe that if a company takes care of its people, the people will take care of the company.

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