• Korian Brady

Hiring Throughout Growth

Change is enviable in life, especially when going through the stages of a startup. Likely, when you started the startup it was just you or another person. Knowledge might have been slim, and the future seems uncertain. In these early days, a limited number of employees are necessary. This is mainly because you still need to organize and vet your business idea. As you gain some traction, the need to bring on qualified employees or additional founders is common. This is to help bring the company to the next level of growth. Although still early on, these hires and relationships are very important to the future success of your company. So how do you go about it? What type of personal are you wanting to attract?

I think to answer these questions the founder or the founders have to look inward. They have to ask themselves, what can’t we achieve on our own? What will we need help with? From there the founding team can narrow down certain qualities they are looking for in a hire. Although that is an important step in the startup it is the first stage for many as it relates to hiring. Hopefully the company will continue to grow and with that growth, your team will have to grow as well. How do does a founder go about bringing on new employees along with retaining current workers? Will bringing in new employees effect the workflow or succuss in the office? These are all things that founders have to consider.

So, what is the worse that can happen? I believe the worst thing that can happen in this transition of growth is to have an old employee that is usually important to the business not be on the same page as the founders throughout growth stages. If the CEO decides he or she does not want to be involved in the advancement of the business anymore that could be damaging to the business. This former CEO knows functions and the way business is conducted and bringing a new individual in as CEO could cause friction as the business grows. This rings true for many positions early on because usually those are important positions that were hand -picked by the founders.

Ideally, the founding team and the early employees are on the same page before even looking at adding to the team. This cohesion enables for the right decision to be made. Additionally, this level of involvement allows everyone on the team to feel part of the process, which can build team strength and company cohesion.

Finally, succuss is not always noticed. Usually success is realized after the fact. Many people call this the paradox of success. Many times, when you think you’re not doing well, stressed, or worried is the time you are doing your best. This is sometimes true for start ups as well. A lot of the time the company is so engulfed in day to day operations and future goals that they lose track of where they currently are. Even to the point they may not realize that they accomplished the set out goal they were once thriving for. This is when then founder as to understand and reflect on their progress. This trenchancy among the team and the founders will allow ultimate growth.

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