• Korian Brady

Outside Ads

1. As American As (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/as-american-as/)

The ad I selected it meant to highlight Americans of all races, creed, sexuality, and sexual orientation. They do this by casting pictures that portray all of these examples. This ad pulls the emotional strings for me. The objective of this ad campaign is to popularize all Americans and what they look like. I am not sure if the objective here is attainable; however, there ability to bring awareness to the current issues in America were met. The target market for this ad would be 18–35-year-olds. The ad wants the viewer to look at Americas as unique individuals who deserve all the same respect. The value proposition for this ad would be “all different buy equal”.

2. Without Teachers (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/without-teachers/)

This ad is to give appreciation to teachers saying, “without teachers we will all be dum”. This pulls on the humor strings for the viewer because of the grammar issues. But really this ad shows how important teachers really are and I think that was the point of the ad. The target market would be adults that may have forgot just how important teachers are. The ad wants the view to remember and reflect on the teachers in their life. If this action is achieved by the viewer, then teachers will be more appreciated. The value proposition for this ad is “teachers are important than we all think”.

3. Feel the Burn (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/feel-the-burn/)

Is a political ad that encourages people to get tested for STDs. It is a play on words because the political figure is Bernie Sanders and result of some STDs is a burning sensation. The ad reads “Feel the Burn”. This ad uses humor to attract and grasp the viewer. The objective of this ad is to encourage people to get tested for STDs and I think it was effective sense it was free. The number of people getting tested and prove the success of this ad. The value proposition of this ad I think is “Don’t feel the burn, get tested”.

4. Unlimited Greatness – Serena (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/unlimited-greatness-serena/)

The unlimited greatness ad is a Nike ad that shows appreciation to female athletes. This shows that just because you’re a female doesn’t put you in a different category to being a great athlete. All athletes can be great no matter their gender. The objective for this ad is to inspire athletes of all genders to aspire to achieve greatness. However, the results of this ad is hard to measure since there isn’t an actions associated with it. The target market for this ad would be women in grade school wanting to be athletes. The action the ad wants the view to make is to go out and play sports and do the best you can. If this happens then there will be more Serena Williams in this world. The value proposition for this ad would be “greatness does not have a gender”.

5. Curious Deer (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/curious-deer/)

This ad is for an auto collision business and it use humor to get its point across. The ad displays a billboard of broken glass and reads “One curious deer later”. The objective for this ad was to use this auto collusion business if a deer runs into your windshield. If this objective is achieved then their sells will increase. The target market for this ad are adults that drive cars. The value proposition for this ad is “deer got your windshield? We can fix that.”

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