• Korian Brady

Print Ads

1. In the Air (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/in-the-air-print/)

In the Air is a Toyota ad that used vibrant colors to attract the attention of the viewer, leaving the viewer in awe. The objective for this ad campaign is to showcase the new Toyota vehicle and to get the viewers to go buy it. The target market for this ad would be the middle-aged individual to could benefit from the Toyota for everyday use or traveling purposes. If the view decides to buy the Toyota, then he or she would experience a reliable car for a very long time. The value proposition for this ad would be that this car can travel any and everywhere you want it to go.

2. Human Trafficking Signs (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/human-traffic-signs/)

This ad displays people in the street holding sign. However, the eerie part of this ad is they are the only ones in the picture, when though you’d expect there to be a busy highway. This ad pulls the emotions of the viewer by highlighting the loneliness victims of human trafficking much be. The objective for this ad is to raise awareness about human trafficking to all of us can be more aware of just how real it is. If we are more aware then we can be on more of a look out. I think the target market here are teenagers. The value proposition for this ad is “you are not alone”.

3. The Beetles (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/the-beetles/)

The beetle car took full advantage of their car name in this ad. They recreated the image of the Beetles (music group) crosswalk photo and replaced the people with actual Beetle cars. The ad was trying to pull the nostalgic string of the viewer back when the viewer would listen to the Beetles. The objective for this Ad was to buy the classic Beetles car. The target market for this ad would be people in the age group that grew up listening to the Beetles music. If the viewer buys this car, then they can feel like that are associated with the Beetles music group. The value proposition for this ad would be Beetles are timeless, just like this picture.

4. Parmalat Hot Ketchup (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/parmalat-hot-ketchup/)

This ad is advertising new hot ketchup and is doing it by depicting red lips, but actually its ketchup coming out of the bottle. This ad uses sexual connotation to highlight the red, juicy, spicy flavor of ketchup. The objective for this ad is to try the new ketchup. If the viewer does this then they will feel the red-hot fire like those of lips. The target market here would be men of all ages. The value proposition for this ad would be “just a kiss of this ketchup will be enough” highlighting how hot it is to the taste. If the viewer wants to experience that then give it a try.

5. Ashtray (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/ashtray/)

The ashtray ad displays an ashtray with a burned-out cigarette and a makeup brush that the viewer would interpret that is being used to but on makeup. The objective for this ad is to show that smoking cigarettes will destroy your skin, no matter the amount of makeup you put on. If the viewer were to stop smoking, then they would not have to use makeup to hind their ruined skin. This ad targets women smokers. The ad is trying to depict that if you stop smoking than you’ll have better skin. The value proposition for this ad would be “Don’t cover up bad habits”. If the viewer can cut the bad habit out of their life, they could live a healthier life.

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