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Radio Ad Review

1. Old Spice Pomade Radio (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/old-spice-pomade-radio/)

I selected old spice pomade which is a shampoo. Initially, the music and singing grasp the attention of the listen with a classical and a soothing voice explaining what the product is used for. Additionally, humor was involved to poking fun at the hair you put the shampoo in, “not your armpit hair, rather your head hair”. This apps focus was to gain awareness (increase sales) of their new pomade shampoo product. The target market targets a younger crowd, one of the call ins requested this product for her boyfriend so his hair could smell better. Therefore, the ads are trying to convince the listener to buy this product for their significant other so they could smell and feel nice with this new shampoo. The value proposition for this new pomade product is using this new soothing shampoo to make yourself feel better. What drives the customer to buy this product from this ad is the classical soothing music that will give you the same feeling when using the shampoo.

2. 3pm Brainstorms (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/3pm-brainstorms/)

I selected 3pm Brainstorms, which is a snickers ad. The ad pokes fun at ideas you have when you are hungry, which are usually dumb. Its later goings into sarcastic discussion on “bright ideas” that make everyday living for difficult. The objective was to by a snicker so you won’t come up with these dumb ideas. The target market for this ad would be the worker that needs a snack mid-day. The value proposition for this product is “buy a snicker so you won’t make dumb decisions”.

3. Her Man Can Do It (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/her-man-can-do-it/)

Her man can do it is a play on words for “Herman Services”, a handy service for people to call to fix something. In this ad you can hear a loud male voice speaking over a fainter female voice. I believe this ad is playing to the notion that the man fixes things around the house and does usually listen to the input of the female. The objective of this ad was to call Herman services when in need of a handyman, not just “her man”. The target market is for women that need a handyman. They ad is pushing for people that are not handyman to call immediately. The value proposition for this service is Herman Services can fix it. The ad drives customer to do this action by the load car salesman voice that is speaking in the ad.

4. 4-Sec Recipes (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/4-second-recipes/)

This ad is all about the different ways to make eggs. I think the emotional pull for this ad is the curiously that you can make eggs more than just your traditional way. This company does it in a unique way by suggesting egg recipes in 4 second clips. That ads views to explore different options to making eggs. With doing this, the listener will enjoy a wide verity of egg meals. The value proposition for this ad is to try eggs will all meals. The main reason is because eggs can be mixed with other favorite foods that are uncommonly mixed with eggs.

5. Ads for Dads (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/ads-from-dad/)

This ad is a progress ad that tries to instill common sense and simplicity into their product, just like a dad. Progress has done this by combining home and auto insurance to make it easy. The ad uses humor to attract the listener by having a dad explain a very simple task in a sarcastic way. This bridges the gap by using the progress product because it makes that much sense. The objective is to buy the bundled insurance because it is cheaper if you bundle both home and auto than if you bought it separately. The target market would be a young crowd, probably just graduating college or high school whose first time buying a house or car.

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