• Korian Brady

Role Dilemmas and Utilizing Human Capital

In creating a startup there are many roles and positions that are filled. The labeling of those roles can have an effect on the individual and their work ethic, especially as it relates to a founder. Sometimes an in-experienced founder will think they can do it all or figure it out by themselves. However, this is usually not the case, it takes a great deal of teamwork and cohesion to be successful as a founder.

Another mistake that occurs among founders are the blinding of roles. Although, it is good to have individuals on your team that are well verse, there needs to be clear distinction on job role and responsibilities. If there is a blend among roles it can hinder success. Disadvantages mentioned in the Founders Dilemma by Noam Wasserman include diffusion of responsibility, increased tension and overworking the same problem for too long. This is mainly because there are too many commonalities in the team. But, having this dynamic of blended roles isn’t always bad. Wasserman also mentions, “advantages include flexibility among the team, having the ability to pitch an idea to anyone on the team, and combines collective knowledge of all team members”. I believe these advantages enable teams to complete task faster, quicker, and more effect in a one-dimensional way.

To have a clear distinction of roles is necessary for a team to be effective in the long term. As the company grows and has more employees there will be more on the plate for the business to accomplish. And with added task comes the need for better functions and systems. As it relates to labor, the division among functions inside the business is key. Separating the company into multiple functions adds advantage such as: “enabling assignment responsibility, better accountability, and heterogeneous teams”. All of these advantage increases the probability of success of the founder and his or her team.

Skills and abilities to perform a required job is not always noticeable to the eye. Unfortunately, in some industries certain groups of people have a disadvantage. For example, in some industries like finance and others do not offer attractive opportunities to women coming back from giving birth. Many times, these women have to start over or start from where they left off. As a founder, I think there are ways to assist your employees that may have this experience so they will not fall behind their peers or have to start over. This can possible be done in offering them with more flexible jobs they can be effective in as they are away from work. With the added time to their schedule, it could increase moral and ambition for the company.

With the proper delegation and implementation in the business function, success is that much achievable. It adds responsibility and accountability for the business. There is usually a way everyone in the business can be effective, it is the systems and positions put in place that will enable everyone to excel.

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