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Structure is the foundation to success. Without the proper structure your business can crumple to the ground, hopefully fugitively and not literally! In all seriousness, the proper structure allows for fast growth and controlled falls. With the right personnel and equipment in the right areas of your business, you can see your profits grow at a steady pace. Here’s an example, if I have an apparel business is an able to manufacture and sale my product faster than my competition then my company will likely be more successful in that industry. This is the case because I would have to right personnel and equipment to expedite this process.

Additionally, structure allows for the addition of people and resources more fluently than a system or business that lacks structure. A business with structure as guideline and specific places for their equipment and people. Having this clear guideline allows for individuals to run, in a business sense, as fast as they can in their lane. This will help the business overall with each sub categories of the business doing well.

Lastly, having a strong structure allows for transparency among your business. You can clarity see where you need help and where you are doing well. This helps a lot for startups because it allows for you and others to see where you could outsource to make your business that much better. For example, with the right structure an investor can clearly you see that you need to be able to produce of items in bulk to bring down your cost per good sold. This will make it easier for the investor to invest in something that will work. Without such structure the investor may be hesitant to put his or her money in your business.

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